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Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal Is the Craze Because it Works

 Are you sick and tired of constantly having to remove unwanted body hair by repeated tweezing, shaving or waxing? Some of these methods are not only painful, but they also leave burns, bumps or nicks that look bad and feel worse.

 Why hassle with the constant problem, when you can solve it by getting laser hair removal. Did you know that laser hair removal is one of the top cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. It's built that reputation because it flat out works, making your life that much easier.


Major Benefits to Hair Removal Using Lasers.

  • Predictable - 90% of clients receiving this procedure experience reduction of their hair only after around few treatment sessions.
  • Precision - Lasers are remarkably accurate and have the ability to target the hair while sparing the skin in the targeted zones undamaged.
  • Speed of treatment sessions - The laser pulses for only a fraction of time and multiple hairs can be targeted at the same time. Surprisingly the laser has the ability treat a quarter size area every single second. This means large areas can be treated very quickly with sessions lasting less then hour.





This procedure consists of a laser emitting very focused light energy through the skin that is then absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle. The hair follicle is only destroyed during its active growth cycle (Anagen) phase.

 This means that the laser has no effect on any dormant follicles during the treatment. Because of this, multiple sessions are required to treat an area to catch the follicles in their growth phase. This usually means that each treatment needs to be scheduled 4 to 8 weeks apart for maximum effectiveness in order to eliminating hair follicles.

 What Do You Need to Know to Benefit From Laser Hair Removal?

 Your own preparation is very important to get the most out of each session. Here's what is suggested before a treatment.

  • Shave the region being treated the day before the session.
  • No removing hair by the root with any other method or waxing  is allowed 2 to 4 weeks prior to the treatment. 
  • The day of your session, don't apply any kind of lotion or cream to the area that's going to be treated.
  • No sun exposure/tanning, indoor tanning or self-tanning is allowed.

   * Please Note, that some clients are not the good candidates for laser hair removal. We maintain rights, in order to prevent possible complications to reject hair removal service.

  Laser Hair Removal Procedure

 The treatment is pretty simple, but knowing what to expect can give you some peace of mind and relive any of your worries. First off, all of our technicians are not only highly trained, but have a lot of experience in applying each laser hair removal treatment.

 Laser treatments are assotiated with minimum discomfort. The amount pain you fell depends on your level of pain tolerance, but certainly doesn’t hurt as much as waxing. Also, you will wear special eye-wear that will protect you from the intense light that the laser emits.  As previously discussed, as the technician is guiding the laser over the target area, only the hair that is in an active growth phase will be affected.

 Each treatment last between 5 to 60 minutes depending on the size of the area and the density of hair being treated.

 Free Consultation

  Laser hair removal costs vary depending on various factors including the size of the area that needs to be treated, hair density and texture. We offer prepaid package discounts of 3 to 6 treatments. Call us at 215-717-7000 to schedule a consultation.

 Our Lasers:

Candela Gentlemax® - GentleMAX® combines the capabilities of two Best-in-Class lasers – GentleLASE(755nm Alexandrite) and GentleYAG(1064nm ND:Yag). GentleMAX® – the first multiple wavelength workstation uniquely configured to address most commonly requested procedures, including permanent hair reduction for all skin and hair types, leg and facial vein removal, vascular and pigmented lesion removal and skin tightening.


Cynosure Apogee® - 755nm Alexandrite Laser

Palomar IPL 

Syneron Elos Technology

Quanta System -  Eterna Giovinezza Plus

and many other light based systems


Enigma Medi Spa offers the following Laser and IPL applications:

Permanent Hair Reduction
Permanent hair reduction on all skin types
Permanent Hair Reduction on Tanned skin
Beard Bumps-Pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB)
Skin Tightening
Wrinkle Reduction
 Leg Veins
Venous Lakes
Blue Facial Veins
Sun Spots/Age Spots


What to expect from the treatment?
 After the treatment, some hairs may dissolve immediately; others will fall out within 7-10 days for thick terminal hairs or up to 2 or 3 weeks for finer hairs. You may use a depilatory crème or electric razor to remove treated hair but do not pluck the hairs.
Temporary redness and/or swelling in the treated area might occur but generally lasts for one to two days, or longer in some patients. There might be pigmentary changes in skin color as well as discomfort during or after the procedure, which usually lasts a few hours to a few days.
Appropriate post care instructions should be followed including wearing sunscreen or protective clothing on exposed laser treated areas for one month following the procedure. 

 Are there any restrictions on my activity after treatment?
Following the treatment, you can return to your normal activities right away. Same time we are not recommending to take part in some fitness and sport activities 12 hour after the treatment.  The use of sunscreen is recommended on any treated areas exposed to the sun. In addition, we may recommend that you use a specially formulated skin care product line or prescribe a skin care regimen especially formulated for your skin type.

 Can Laser Hair Removal successfully treat excessive hair growth in poly cystic ovarian syndrome patients?
Drawing from our vast experience over the years in treating Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome patients, we can safely say that the condition can be successfully treated with Laser systems.  Some patients may be required to commence hormone therapy or the contraceptive pill to stabilize hormonal balance. Patients who wish not to commence hormone therapy will still achieve removal of the unwanted hair, however they are likely to require additional treatments and maintenance when new hairs appear.

 Can ingrown hairs be treated?
Dramatic results are seen in patients with ingrown hairs from waxing, shaving (razor bumps) or tweezing.  Curly hair is most likely to grow inwards when broken, cut or pulled out.
Inflammation is often associated with ingrown hairs and it frequently produces large blemishes, pustules or cysts. 

Price for 6 treatments

Extra-Small Areas - $800

  • Center brow
  • Ears
  • Nose

Small Areas - $1100

  • Areolas
  • Back of neckline (women)
  • Bikini line (two sides)
  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Fingers
  • Forehead
  • Front of neckline (women)
  • Lip
  • Sideburns
  • Stomach line (treasure trail)
  • Toes
  • Underarms

Medium Areas - $1644

  • Back of neckline (men)
  • Deep bikini
  • Breasts(women)
  • Hands
  • Feet 
  • Chin extension
  • Front of neckline (men)
  • Hairline
  • Half arms (women)

Large Areas - $2470

  • Chest (women)
  • Full arms (women)
  • Brazilian (women - inner butt not included)
  • Beard
  • Buttocks(women)
  • Full face
  • Lower legs(women)
  • Half arms (men)
  • Full stomach (women)

Extra Large Areas - $3020

  • Shoulders
  • Chest (men)
  • Brazilian (men - inner butt not included)
  • Abdominal (men)
  • Lower legs(men)
  • Buttocks(men)
  • Upper back (men) 
  • Lower back (men)
  • Full back (women)
  • Thighs

Please contact us for our SPECIALS and MEMBER DISCOUNT RATES: 1-215-717-7000 
*please note:coupons and discount codes can't be combined with other promotions.
In Enigma Medi Spa we have 24h cancellation policy.
No show up fee & less then 24 hour cancellation - $25