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Medi Fitness

Medi Fitness

Discover a Breakthrough Concept That is Revolutionizing The Way We Look At Body Contouring and Slimming

 We've been told time and time again how important it is to exercise to keep ourselves healthy and  in good shape. However, it's disappointing to know that all that hard work only accounts for 100 to 200 calories per exercise session. Even with all that hard consistent effort, a lot of that stubborn fat just doesn't want to go away. Many people turn to invasive medical interventions such as liposuction and plastic surgery to fill the gap of what exercise and diet doesn't seem to be able to address. Unfortunately, this can be a radical approach to body contouring that is very invasive and not affordable for most people.

 What if you could have a way to get rid of the fat without the risks of surgery, downtime, scars and lymph wounds from a procedure?

  The good news is...

 There is a powerfully effective technique named the Medi Fitness that is one of the most effective non-invasive body contouring and slimming systems available on the market. It uses LED Bio Light Cell Modulating and IR (Infra Red) technology integrated with fitness equipment to successfully shed the pounds faster.

 Incredibly, only a 10 minute ride on the Medi Fitness electro bike trainer is able to burn up to 900 calories. It's easy and comfortable for consistent calorie burning and weight loss.

 Medi Fitness unique electro bike was the overall crowd pleaser at Cosmoprof (world's most respected and largest aesthetic beauty show)

 Body Builders Can Prevent Over Training and Burn More Calories in Less Time For More Definition

 You may be highly conditioned as a body builder or you regularly work out with weights. Even for you, some amount of regular cardio is necessary to maintain overall fitness. However, there's always the chance of doing too much and overloading your body with the possibility of unnecessary injury.

 With the Medi Fitness, you can do the necessary cardio and actually have the benefit of burning more calories in far less time. With this cardio approach you can actually get your cardio and burn more calories in specific areas to increase your definition without overdoing it. It's simply technologically advanced equipment that can give you the edge over your competition and much better results in targeting these difficult areas.  

How Is It Possible to Burn More Calories While Exercising?

 The body is penetrated by the infrared energy, warming and softening hardened cellulite while on the bike. It is then flushed away by the cardio activity on the bike. Because your body's metabolism is working on a higher level from the exercise, the toxins and fatty tissues are eliminated naturally and more effectively.   

 Now...the laser beam and LED which have a bio-photo-modulation effect on the natural processes of the body, helps to release the contents stored in the adipose cells.

 The varying wavelengths of the LED light is safely absorbed by the energy producers or mitochondria of the body. This energy absorption temporarily opens channels in the membranes of the cells. This allows the contents in the fat cells to be eliminated through metabolic processes and the lymphatic system.

 “The Medi Fitness System promises many benefits in the area of body sculpting and fitness.”

 Dr.Luise Villanova

 You can benefit from the Medi Fitness today at Enigma Medi Spa.

*Please note, that video presentation is for Medi Fitness Plus ongoing project.