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Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Fast Recovery + Boost Performance + Glowing Skin

Feel Younger with Whole Body Cryotherapy at

Enigma Medi Spa



Extreme Cold For Extreme Results


It’s Time To Give Pain The Cold Shoulder!


Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a hypothermic application in a specially designed CryoSauna.

The CryoSauna uses gasiform Nitrogen to rapidly lower temperature in the cabin to below -170°F.

During the two to three minutes of exposure to the extreme cold, as a self-defense mechanism, the brain stimulates the body's organ regulatory functions. As a result, people see significant energy increase, cell rejuvenation, immune system boost, and expedited self-healing.

Developed in Japan by rheumatologist, Dr. T. Yamauchi, Whole Body Cryotherapy quickly conquered Europe and then started gaining popularity and recognition in the United States.

Many celebrities, athletes, and alternative health gurus started using this extreme therapeutic method to fight pain, recover faster, improve performance, and generally–look younger and feel happier. The majority of clients who have undergone Whole Body Cryotherapy say they experienced a multitude of benefits, including: “pain-relief”, "rejuvenation", “wellbeing”, and “increased energy”. Rapid short-term freezing of the skin's surface leads to an immediate release of Endorphins and an overall sense of happiness. Furthermore, WBC is a powerful treatment for inflammatory disorders and injuries.


            Burn up to 800 calories in 3 minutes!

                                        Look and feel younger and healthier

                                                     Flatten stomach and reduce cellulite

Continuous use of Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments may help to:

-              Decrease muscle soreness, pain, and inflammation

-              Increase metabolism and caloric burn

-              Enhance collagen production

-              Tighten the skin and improve its tone

-              Reduce the appearance of cellulite

-              Increase energy and peak athletic performance

What happens during a WBC session?

Before your first treatment, a brief health questionnaire and consultation is completed to make sure you can safely use WBC. Clients with a history of untreated hypertension, heart disease, hypersensitivity to cold, and/or woman that are pregnant or trying to become pregnant should avoid using WBC.

Once you have filled out the forms you will be taken to a relaxing and private room to change into the proper attire:

  • Robe or Towel (removed during treatment)
  • Cotton or Wool Socks
  • Slippers
  • Gloves
  • Cotton underwear
  • Cotton sports bra (women)
  • Remove all jewelry and piercings


A trained technician will be with you during the treatment procedure to provide guidance and support. You will step into the Cryosauna and the treatment will start at your comfo

rt level.

Slowly rotate around as the gasiform liquid Nitrogen is pumped through the machine.

After the predetermined time is over, you will be provided a robe and may return to full activity immediately.

One whole-body Cryotherapy session - $75
Three whole-body cryotherapy sessions- $225
One Whole-Body Cryotherapy Session and One Cryo Facial - $120
Three Whole-Body Cryotherapy Sessions and Three Cryo Facials - $360
1 Cryo Facial - $45